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  • Office hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 am to 5:00 pm;
    Saturday by appointment
  • Lessons 7 Days a week from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Driving training for Class 7L, 7N, 5L, 5, and 4
  • Driving lessons are 1, 1.5 or 2 hour sessions
  • One-on-one driving lessons
  • Cars are available for your Road Test
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Cash and Debit
  • We have Gift Certificates available
  • Female instructor available
  • Automatic cars only

Practical Driving Lessons Vancouver BC

We teach driving lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced drivers. If you have some driving experience, we will take you on the road for an assessment in order to find out what level you are at. Driving lessons are provided in new vehicles fully equipped for your safety.

Automatic Car

Package Price Recommended for:
1 hr. $79.50 Brush up or Assessment
3 hrs. $237.00 Brush up for abroad experienced drivers
(3 sessions x 1 hr.)
3.5 hrs. $274.75 Road Test Package
2.5 hrs. for Road Test + 1 hr. pre-road test assessment
5.5 hrs. $429.00 Class 5, 7N Driver's licence
(3 sessions x 1 hr. + 2.5 hrs. for Road Test)
9.5 hrs. $736.25 Class 7L and 7N Driving License
(7 sessions x 1 hr. + 2.5 hrs. for Road Test)
14.5 hrs. $1116.50 Class 7L and 7N Driving License
(12 sessions x 1 hr. + 2.5 hrs. for Road Test)
19.5 hrs. $1491.75 Class 7L Driving License
(17 sessions x 1 hr. + 2.5 hrs. for Road Test)
30.5 hrs. $2318.00 Class 7L Driving License
(28 sessions x 1 hr. + 2.5 hrs. for Road Test)

** Note: The 2.5 hours allocated for the Road Test may be replaced with driving lessons upon request. The road test for class 7N takes 45 min and for the professional class 5 takes 1 hour. The last 2.5 hours of the packages are designated for your Road Test appointment, including a one hour warm up practice before the Road test.

Training For the Computer Knowledge Test

The purpose of this course is to teach the student all the traffic signs, road rules and regulations in B.C.

One of the main materials used in this course is the "RoadSense for Drivers BC's Safe Driving Guide", along with the necessary DVD's, diagrams, and written tests.

The number of sessions recommended for the theory program depends on the student's knowledge level.

For pricing information, please contact us.

GLP Program (ICBC Approved)

This program allows novice drivers to take their second road test (Class 5) in 18 months after passing the first road test; otherwise, the novice driver has to wait 24 months.

This ICBC approved driving training requires completing a mandatory 32 hours of instruction: 16 in classroom, 12 in car and 4 at the instructor's discretion.

Classes Sessions Hours per Session Total Hours
In Classroom 5 3.12 16
In Car 12 1 12
Hours at the instructor's discretion 4
Total Course Hours 32
Price $1200.00

**Please note that the GLP Program does not include the road test. To add in the road test package or for more information, contact us.

We alternate classes between classroom and in-car. During the classroom sessions, we will be using visual aids and having outside activities so students will be able to learn the theoretical aspects of defensive driving. Other concepts taught outside the classroom include how to keep your car safe and well maintained.

Training for Class 4 (Unrestricted)

Allows you to operate: taxi, limousine, ambulance, and any bus that seats a maximum of 25 persons (including a bus used to transport people with disabilities). To enroll for the Class 4 (Unrestricted) Training, a Class 4 Learners Licence is required.

Package Price Include
4.5 hrs course
(1 day program)
2.5 hrs   * Road Test assessment
+  * Pre – trip Inspection
2.0 hrs  * Review & ICBC Road Test

Recommended if you have 4 or more years of driving experience. If you have less experience, more training is recommended.

*Special pricing is available for students providing their own commercial vehicles (applicable only for class 4). Call our office for further details.

Prices Do Not Include GST.

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